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Senior Men's Fastpitch League Playoffs

Best-of-5 Semi-Finals

Series A: 4th-The Bigs vs. 1st-The Dance Academy Dodgers
Game #1: TB 8 vs. TDAD 4 (TB Leads Series 1-0)
Game #2: TDAD 2 vs. TB 3 (TB Leads Series 2-0)
Game #3: TB 10 vs. TDAD 3 (TB Sweep Series 3-0)

Series B: 3rd-Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs vs. 2nd-NTV Hitmen
Game #1: KPMB 13 vs. NTVH 3 (KPMB Leads Series 1-0)
Game #2: NTVH 1 vs. KPMB 5 (LPMB Leads Series 2-0)
Game #3: KPMB 7 vs. NTVH 0 (KPMB Sweep Series 3-0)

Best-of-7 Final

4th Place-The Bigs vs. 3rd Place-Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs
Game #1: TB 1 vs. KPMB 4 (KPMB Leads Series 1-0)
Game #2: KPMB 6 vs. TB 1 (KPMB Leads Series 2-0)
Game #3: TB 1 vs. KPMB 8 (KPMB Leads Series 3-0)
Game #4: KPMB 4 vs. TB 6 (KPMB Leads Series 3-1)
Game #5: TB 3 vs. KPMB 6 (KPMB Wins Series 4-1)

KPMB 2016 Senior League Champions!

Congratulations Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs!


Intermediate Men's Fastpitch League Playoffs

Best-of-3 Play-In Series: 9th vs. 8th

Play-In Series: 9th-PCI Roebothan McKay Marshall vs. 8th-MJR Masonry
Game #1: PCI/RMM 11 vs. MJRM 8 (PCI/RMM Leads Series 1-0)
Game #2: MJRM 7 vs. PCI/RMM 8 (PCI/RMM Wins Series 2-0)

PCI/RMM Secured The 8th And Final Playoff Position

Best-of-3 Quarter-Finals

Series A: 8th-PCI Roebothan McKay Marshall vs. 1st-Lafontaine Club Bud Light
Game #1: PCI/RMM 7 vs. LCBL 5 (PCI/RMM Leads Series 1-0)
Game #2: LCBL 8 vs. PCI/RMM 1 (Series Tied 1-1)
Game #3: PCI/RMM 1 vs. LCBL 7 (LCBL Wins Series 2-1)

Series B: 7th-CBC Junior Canadians vs. 2nd-Game on Gear
Game #1: CBC 1 vs. GOG 2 (GOG Leads Series 1-0)
Game #2: GOG 14 vs. CBC 6 (GOG Wins Series 2-0)

Series C: 6th-Rob Roy vs. 3rd-U18 NL Selects
Game #1: RR 5 vs. U18 2 (RR Leads Series 1-0)
Game #2: U18 13 vs. RR 5 (Series Tied 1-1)
Game #3: RR 0 vs. U18 7 Forfeit (U18 Wins Series 2-1)

Series D: 5th-Cougar Engineering/CBS Storm vs. 4th-Bay Roberts Coors Light
Game #1: CE/CBSS 3 vs. BRCL 11 (BRCL Leads Series 1-0)
Game #2: BRCL 10 vs. CE/CBSS 2 (BRCL Wins Series 2-0)

Best-of-3 Semi-Finals

Semi-Final #1: 4th-Bay Roberts Coors Light vs. 1st-Lafontaine Club Bud Light
Game #1: BRCL 4 vs. LCBL 2 (BRCL Leads Series 1-0)
Game #2: LCBL 8 vs. BRCL 4 (Series Tied 1-1)
Game #3: BRCL 1 vs. LCBL 3 (LCBL Wins Series 2-1)

Semi-Final #2: 3rd-U18 NL Selects vs. 2nd-Game on Gear
Game #1: U18 3 vs. GOG 4 (GOG Leads Series 1-0)
Game #2: GOG 10 vs. U18 7 (GOG Wins Series 2-0)

Best-of-5 Final

Final: 2nd-Game On Gear vs. 1st-Lafontaine Club Bud Light
Game #1: GOG 4 vs. LCBL 8 (LCBL Leads Series 1-0)
Game #2: LCBL 9 vs. GOG 1 (LCBL Leads Series 2-0)
Game #3: GOG 3 vs. LCBL 11 (LCBL Wins Series 3-0)

LCBL 2016 Intermediate League Champions!

Congratulations Lafontaine Club Bud Light!


Adult Men's 2016 Tournament Champions
St. John's Day Tournament Champions (The Dance Academy Dodgers)
Swing Into Summer Tournament Champions (CBS Storm)
Hill United Chiefs Rock Invitational Champions (Hill United Chiefs)
Provincial Intermediate Tournament Champions (Bay Roberts Coors Light)
National Senior Tournament Champions (Galway Hitmen)
Provincial Senior Tournament Champions (The Bigs)

Congratulations To All Tournament Winners!

Adult Men's 2016 Playoff Champions
Senior League Playoff Champions (Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs)
Intermediate League Playoff Champions (Lafontaine Club Bud Light)

Congratulations Senior & Intermediate Playoff Champions!

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Top Hitting
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League: Senior

 Ezekiel, Kyle27550.491
 Ezekiel, Brad24480.500
 Hill, Jason23400.575
 Evely, Geoff23620.371
 Walsh, Colin22410.537

League: Intermediate

 Wall, Gerald24560.429
 Hatfield, Brent23660.348
 Leonard, Troy22410.537
 Thorne, Chris22520.423
 Stack, Mark20640.313
Top Pitching
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League: Senior

 Greene, Robbie1261.849
 Hill, Jason1022.188
 Cleary, Sean921.822
 Walsh, Colin601.826
 Power, Mark555.076

League: Intermediate

 Walsh, Jeremy845.087
 O'Reilly, Johnny711.335
 Noftall, Jordan724.479
 Whelan, Joel722.097
 Doyle, Johnny744.570
Team Standings
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League: Senior

 The Dance Academy Dodgers176
 NTV Hitmen158
 Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs1211
 The Bigs1212
 Kelly's Pub Junior Canadians221

League: Intermediate

 Lafontaine Club Bud Light124
 U18 NL Selects115
 Game on Gear115
 Bay Roberts Coors Light106
 CBS Storm97
 Rob Roy88
 CBC Junior Canadians69
 MJR Masonry313
 PCI Roebothan McKay Marshall114