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The Humble Beginning: 1957


Award Winners

First Place: N/A

League Champions: ACES

Howie Meeker Trophy

Team Members:

Dave Hollett, Vince Withers, Orville Matthews, Don Yetman, Bill Barron, Joe Quinlan, Peter Deutsch, Jim Wiseman, Ray Withers, John Voisey, Red Dillon-Manager, Jack Quinlan-Coach

The following appeared in the August 26, 1957 edition of The Daily News.

Proposal to form softball league due to the immense amount of interested displayed lately in the good old game of softball. It has been decided to form a league of all interested teams.

Should you wish to compete in this proposed league then you should have a representative attend a meeting being held at Bannerman Park on Wednesday, August 28. A real interesting series is anticipated.

First meeting held on Wednesday, August 28 at the Band Stand Bannerman Park.

Twelve teams indicated interest and were divided into three sections.

  • Romoco, Orioles, Rams and Tigers
  • Falcons, Avolians, East End and Aces
  • Braves, Shamrocks, Rovers and Conception Bay All-Stars

No Hitter:

Tuesday, September 10 - Clarke Wagner (Romoco) 16K

Semi-Final Game:

Romoco 4 vs. Rams 6 (6-Innings)

Monday, September 16 Clarke Wagner (Romoco) 16K


Aces 23 vs. Braves 3 (7-Innings)


The League had no elected executive-was run by the Playgrounds Association under the leadership of playgrounds supervisor-Jack Walsh and Joe Gaddon.


Played At Bannerman Park-Short Fence

First game played on Thursday, August 29 and schedule completed on Sunday, September 22.

A one round schedule was played with the top teams in each section playing a best-of-three semi-finals and the three winning teams playing a round robin championship series.

First game played Thursday, August 29, 1957.

Rams 5 vs. Tigers 4

  • WP: Ralph "Jake" Rowsell
  • LP: Ed "Bounce" Fleming

In 1957 No Statistics Were Kept!

All games in 1957 were officiated by:

  • Joe Gaddon
  • Harry Hanlon

League Champion Aces Went Undefeated In 1957 With A 7-0 Win-Loss Record!


Series 1

Rams 2 vs. Romoco 4 (6-Innings)

  • WP: Clarke Wagner (16K)
  • LP: Ralph Rowsell

Rams 3 vs. Romoco 4 (8-Innings)

  • WP: Clark Wagner
  • LP: Ralph Rowsell

Series Won By Romoco 2-0

Series 2

Braves 13 vs. Rovers 1

  • WP: Paul Lawson (8K)
  • LP: John Bambrick
  • Top Batter: Lloyd Kelly (Braves) 4-5

Braves 10 vs. Rovers 5

  • WP: Paul Lawson
  • LP: John Bambrick

Series Won By Braves 2-0

Series 3

Aces 8 vs. East End 1

  • WP: Jim Wiseman
  • LP: Basil Earles

Aces 7 vs. East End 0

  • WP: Peter Deutsch
  • LP: Basil Earles

Series Won By Aces 2-0

Championship Series

Braves 6 vs. Romoco 5

  • WP: Paul Lawson
  • LP: Clark Wagner (8K)
  • Don Lawlor (Braves) 2R HR

Aces 2 vs. Romoco 0

  • WP: Peter Deutsch (13K)
  • LP: Clark Wagner (16K - No Hitter)

Aces 23 vs. Braves 3

  • WP: Peter Deutsch (10K)
  • LP: Paul Lawson
  • Peter Deutsch (Aces) 2HR, 6RBI
  • Ray Withers (Aces) 2HR
  • Dave Hollett (Aces) 1HR
  • Vince Withers (Aces) 1HR
  • Jim Wiseman (Aces) 1HR
  • Don Lawlor (Braves) 2R HR

Final Standings:

  • Aces 2-0
  • Braves 1-1
  • Romoco 0-2

Playoff Statistics:


  • Peter Deutsch (Aces) 3-0
  • Jim Wiseman (Aces) 1-0
  • Paul Lawson (Braves) 3-1
  • Clark Wagner (Romoco) 2-2
  • Ralph Rowsell (Rams) 0-2
  • John Bambrick (Rovers) 0-2
  • Basil Earles (East End) 0-2


  • Clark Wagner (Romoco) 40
  • Peter Deutsch (Aces) 23
  • Paul Lawson (Braves) 8


  • Peter Deutsch (Aces) 2