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Results: 2022 U23 Men's Canadian Fastpitch Championship

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2022 U23 Men’s Canadian Fastpitch Championship

Dates: August 2-7
Location: Carp, ON
Participating Teams
HOST – Ottawa Valley Chiefs
ON1 – Owen Sound Selects
ON2 – Tavistock Merchants
ON3 – Alvinston Jr. Aces
NL – Physio and Co.
QC – Team Quebec
SK – Delisle Fort Protection Pride
NL – Physio and Co. Team Roster
Noah Dinn
Adrian Green
Jordan Hamilton
Nathan Kenny
Jacob Kippenhuck
Michael Leonard Power
Ryan Maher
Joel Nash
Jordan Pomeroy
Linden Power
Logan Power
Liam Shea
Mark Stack
Mitchel Whelan
Jacob Whittle
Coaching Staff
Mark Nash (Head Coach)
Loyola Power (Assistant Coach)
Bill Pomeroy (Staff)
NL – Physio and Co. Tournament Schedule
Day 1 Schedule/Results: Tuesday, August 02, 2022
Game #1: 5-3 Win vs. ON3 Alvinston Jr. Aces
Game #2: 5-4 Loss vs. ON1 Owen Sound Selects
Record After Day 1: 1 Win, 1 Loss
Day 2 Schedule/Results: Wednesday, August 03, 2022
Game #3: 9-0 Win (6-Innings) vs. HOST Ottawa Valley Chiefs
Game #4: 10-3 Loss (6-Innings) vs. ON2 Tavistock Merchants
Record After Day 2: 2 Wins, 2 Losses
Day 3 Schedule/Results: Thursday, August 04, 2022
Game #5: 8-7 Win vs. QC Equipe Quebec
Game #6: 4-3 Loss vs. SK Delisle Fort Protection Pride
Record After Day 3: 3 Wins, 3 Losses
Day 4 Schedule/Results: Friday, August 05, 2022
Game #7: 5-4 Loss vs. QC Equipe Quebec
Record After Round Robin: 3 Wins, 4 Losses (4th Place Seed Heading Into Playoffs)
Ryan Maher And Mark Stack Named To All-Star Team
All-Star Team Selections
Ryan Maher (Infield) 7 Hits, 2 Home Runs, 7RBI, .500BA, .944FP
Mark Stack (Infield) 9 Hits, 2 Home Runs, 5RBI, .474BA, .875FP
Congratulations Ryan! Congratulations Mark!
Day 5 Schedule/Results: Saturday, August 06, 2022
Playoff G1: 10-3 Loss (5-Innings) vs. SK - Delisle Fort Protection Pride
NL Eliminated From Tournament.
Final Record: 3-Wins, 5-Losses
All Game Times Listed In NL Time.
NL Fastpitch Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Wish Physio And Co. Good Luck At The 2022 U23 Men’s Canadian Fastpitch Championship Being Held From August 2-7 In Carp, ON!